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Sun Valley Reservoir, snow making dam – Mount Buller

Sun Valley Reservoir 1,710 mAHD – Mount Buller, Nov-Dec 2014 Case Study: MtBuller Snowmaking Dam leaking approx 1litre per second.   Background: Sun Valley Reservoir was built 20 years ago and the engineered fill side of the dam was lined

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Rain Gardens / Bio-retention beds

Geoline installed two liners for the rain garden/ bio-rention beds in Mulgrave. We installed rectangular garden beds out of 1.5mm HDPE geomembrane. Each rain garden bed had two pipe penetrations, one stormwater inlet to allow the water to filter thru

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Two ornamental dams lined in Romsey

Geoline has finished reconstructing and lining two dams on a property in Romsey. Our client advised that his dams received lots of water from the Macedon Ranges yet neither of them would hold water. Geoline advised an impervious 1.5mm HDPE

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Earthworks/ Earthmoving Contractors

Are you part of an earthmoving company that utilises geosynthetic installation in your projects? Does your company contract geosynthetic installers to help you get your projects completed? Geoline is looking for all earthmoving/ earthworks contractors that utilise geosynthetics in their business. Whether that

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