What is Geoweb?

Geoweb Installed

Geoweb used so vegetation will go to the dams water line.

Geoweb is a fantastic product to help erosion control, slope stability, retaining structures and keep material in its place. According to Geofabrics the Geoweb cellular confinement system is the most advanced soil stabilisation technology available.

Geoweb consists of a robust three-dimensional structure housing a network of interconnected cells that confine and compact soil. The confinement action prevents erosion and improves the structural performance of the soil or aggregate infill. Geoweb comes as collapsed panels that must be opened up and anchored or connected using the accompanying keys. Depending on your application it comes in varying depths.

Geoline has installed panels of Geoweb around the top of dams to help vegetation grow over installed HDPE geomembrane.

Geoline has also used Geoweb in an environmentally sensitive project in the Cardinia Shire to disperse a storm water outlet through rock held together with Geoweb.

Geoweb sizes