Do you have geosynthetic installation experience? Can you extrude or wedge weld geomembrane together? Register your interest in working for Geoline today and we’ll add you to our list of experienced installers. Simply fill in the form below.

Skills that are in high demand:

Geomembrane Jobs

  • General Labouring – Moving Sandbags and Pulling Sheet.
  • Leistering Patches with LDPE & HDPE
  • Grinding LDPE & HDPE
  • Extruding 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm HDPE
  • Wedge Welding 1mm, 1.5mm, & 2mm HDPE
  • Tensiometer Testing Coupons from LDPE & HDPE
  • Geomembrane Air Testing and Vacuum Testing
  • QA- Quality Assurance Documentation
  • Telehandler or Excavator Licences
  • Truck License
  • Working at Heights
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Technician
  • Leading Hand
  • Supervisor