These materials come under Geosynthetics.

Geosynthetic Materials.

What is Geosynthetic? Geosynthetic is a term used to describe a range of polymeric products that are generally used to solve civil engineering problems.

Geosynthetic covers eight main product categories including: geomembranes, geotextiles, geosynthetic clay liners, geonets, geogrids, geofoam, geocells and geocomposites.

Due to their polymeric nature they are suitable for use in the ground where high levels of durability are required. Some geosynthetics when properly formulated can be used in exposed applications.

There’s a wide range of applications geosynthetics can be used for including civil works, geoenvironmental, roads, embankments, retaining structures, reservoirs, canals, dams, erosion control, landfill liners, landfill covers, leachate ponds, mining, aquaculture and agriculture.

Geosynthetic Products