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Geoline working on the irrigation channels in Victoria

Currently installing Garden City Geotech 2mm HDPE geomembrane to the Victorian irrigation channels…Working alongside a fantastic group of earthwork professionals we are plastic welding with Demtech wedge welders, Demtech extruders, and Leister hot air tools…

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Solmax Technical Seminar Melbourne

Thank you Solmax for a very informative seminar on the performance and durability of your geomembranes. Geoline now has a much greater appreciation of how long your geomembrane materials will last and what is the best liner system to install.

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Plastic Liner installed in Bendigo

Geoline installed this plastic liner yesterday after receiving a call during the week to come and install this Garden City Geotech 1.5mm HDPE liner. It was a perfect day for installation of the liner as there was no wind and a top

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