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Busy end to 2013

Geoline has had a very busy end to 2013, helping install two more floating covers in the Geelong area and working on a large water storage lagoon in Apollo Bay. Reinforced Polypropylene (RPP) 1.14mm was used on the floating covers

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Solmax Technical Seminar Melbourne

Thank you Solmax for a very informative seminar on the performance and durability of your geomembranes. Geoline now has a much greater appreciation of how long your geomembrane materials will last and what is the best liner system to install.

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Saving trees from erosion by installing poly pipe to divert storm water

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PolyCalc Welding Calculator –

iPhone / iPod Parameter Calculator PolyCalc Parameter Calculator and Timer Unlike most “apps” for iPhones that are either games or gimmicks, the PolyCalc Parameter Calculator and Timer is a the World’s most sophisticated and advanced butt fusion welding parameter computer

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New Spark Test Method on Rowad Geomembrane

Hey guys I found this on Youtube and thought I would share it as I’ve heard this testing method is becoming more and more popular.

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