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Busy end to 2013

Geoline has had a very busy end to 2013, helping install two more floating covers in the Geelong area and working on a large water storage lagoon in Apollo Bay. Reinforced Polypropylene (RPP) 1.14mm was used on the floating covers

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Geoline has been helping install a floating cover in Torquay.

For the past seven weeks Geoline has been helping install a floating cover in Torquay, Victoria. The material used for the floating cover was Enviro Liner 6040HD made by the Layfield Group. On top of the cover there were floats,

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Geoline working on the irrigation channels in Victoria

Currently installing Garden City Geotech 2mm HDPE geomembrane to the Victorian irrigation channels…Working alongside a fantastic group of earthwork professionals we are plastic welding with Demtech wedge welders, Demtech extruders, and Leister hot air tools…

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Solmax Technical Seminar Melbourne

Thank you Solmax for a very informative seminar on the performance and durability of your geomembranes. Geoline now has a much greater appreciation of how long your geomembrane materials will last and what is the best liner system to install.

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Plastic Liner installed in Bendigo

Geoline installed this plastic liner yesterday after receiving a call during the week to come and install this Garden City Geotech 1.5mm HDPE liner. It was a perfect day for installation of the liner as there was no wind and a top

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Saving trees from erosion by installing poly pipe to divert storm water

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Pipe Welding with Electrofusion Welder 200mm pipe

Electrofusion pipe welding in Gembrook. Redirecting storm water to avoid erosion beneath 100 plus year old trees. Geoline can do Electrofusion and Butt welding in the most extreme and environmentally sensitive locations.

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Need a dam lined?

Dam and pond liner quotes are just a phone call away. Geoline can provide free quotes for supply and installation of any pond or dam.  Geoline can do ornamental ponds, dams or lakes to whatever specification you like. Here’s a

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Working on a small dam in the Dandenongs.

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PolyCalc Welding Calculator –

iPhone / iPod Parameter Calculator PolyCalc Parameter Calculator and Timer Unlike most “apps” for iPhones that are either games or gimmicks, the PolyCalc Parameter Calculator and Timer is a the World’s most sophisticated and advanced butt fusion welding parameter computer

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